Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Sweet Homecoming

There’s something about going home that stirs up a feeling unlike any other. The best parts of that experience are almost always found in the special people, comfort and familiarity there. When fall rolls around, there’s no better time to go home sweet home…to homecoming, that is! Whether you are still a student and want to have some fun with your friends while showing off your school pride, or if you are a graduate who wants to reconnect with old pals and feel the excitement in the autumn air once more, seize the chance! Homecoming football games are often the rowdiest, most thrilling games of the year and are guaranteed to have full crowds bursting at the seams with the exhilaration of it all. If it’s chilly out, it’s the perfect opportunity to debut some of your new winter wardrobe, grab a pumpkin spice latte (or something else equally reminiscent of the fall), pack your car full of friends and head to the game! If you’re in high school, you can’t forget to attend the homecoming dance. Don’t have a dress? Get a pretty new one at an inexpensive store like Forever 21 or spice up one you already have by switching up the accessories and adding a feminine jacket to the ensemble. The most important part is to don your best smile and dance the night away while making some unforgettable memories! You don’t always get such a fun reason to go home, so make the most of it this year!

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