Thursday, December 23, 2010

Say Aloha to Your Favorite Mascara!

Long, luscious lashes are super sexy and can make your eyes stand out for miles. And now that you've probably found your favorite mascara you need to make sure you use it... or you'll lose it. What do I mean? If you don't use your product it will eventually go bad just like anything you'd leave out on the counter too long. So how do you know if your favorite lash enhancer is bad? The first sign is the smell. If your once pleasantly fragrant mascara is now odorific it's time to trash it. The smell could mean bacteria is present in the tube and that should go no where near your eyes. Second, if you've shared your wand... pass it on. Sharing mascara is a big no no and should be trashed (even if your pal in gym class borrowed for like, a minute, because she forgot hers). Finally, if you notice changed in consistency... dump it. Your wand should glide in and out of the bottle and there should be no cakey flakes in sight! Now that you've ingested all this info go check your mascara. If you notice any changes in smell or consistency throw out your bottle and get a new mascara today!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Look of the Week – MINKA KELLY

Minka Kelly reminds us that sometimes simplicity is everything. At the premiere of the movie Country Strong this week, Minka opted for a look that wins points on its structure, color and attention to detail. The draping of the dress with its V-neck, hemline and great shoulder structure enhanced Minka’s killer bod, and the black and beige color palette was striking with her skin tone. I’m in love with those peep-toe Jimmy Choo shoes and the matching nude clutch just seals the deal. If you’re loving Minka’s look as much as I am, you might want to replicate her look (I know I do!). If you do too, just remember this—looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to COST a million bucks when attention to detail is paid.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Buy a Pretty Necklace and Change Lives!

I’ve talked about Crowdrise on here before and I’m going to give it props again!
Kristen Bell is one of the very active celebs on there using her celeb status to make positive change in our world, and she’s at it again!
She created this awesome necklace and the proceeds go to support Invisible Children. If you haven’t already heard about Invisible Children, hoping you are already aware but just in case, check out this website.
The donations will help to build new schools and provide education to war-effected children. So make a difference in the world for just $45 and get a beautiful necklace to boot! Check out Kristen Bell’s Invisible Children fundraiser page on Crowdrise for more deets!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Make Way For The Movies!

Q: What’s hot now?
A: Seasonal Sequels!

Get ready movie goers because this month is jam-packed with soon-to-be box office hits! From “The Chronicles of Narnia,” to "Tron: Legacy," to everyone’s favorite “Little Fockers,” one thing is for sure– Tis’ the Season of Sequels! So go ahead, indulge in some sweet Christmas candy and delicious buttery popcorn, and sit yourself in the middle of what’s sure to be the best seat in town– the movie theater! After all, what better way to spend your vaca than in the presence of some of Hollywood’s most notable actors? Make sure to check out for the latest reviews, ratings and upcoming flicks!

And congratulations to the month of December, I hereby declare thee, "every movie lovers’ fantasy!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look of the Week – CARRIE UNDERWOOD

Looking perfectly Christmasy (not to mention stunning) in an Edition by Georges Chakra red gown, Carrie Underwood lit up the carpet at the 2010 American Country Awards. The long skirt, high slit, beaded cummerbund and luxe detailing are to die for, but the the thing that I’m loving most is Carrie’s styling. Her piecey side chignon, flawless dewy makeup and matching gold heels and clutch were the perfect complement to her look-at-me dress. We may not be able to run out and buy a Chakra gown for that upcoming holiday party, BUT we can definitely steal a page from Carrie’s style playbook when prepping for the big night—easy breezy styling and a hot red dress? Can do!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look of the Week – MILA KUNIS

When it comes to fashion, Mila Kunis can basically do no wrong (IMHO). Mila consistently chooses classic colors like black, white and navy in flattering styles. Her latest look is no exception as she shined at the Gotham Independent Film Awards this past week in support of her newly-released film Black Swan. The brunette beauty opted for a navy Oscar de la Renta strapless dress with floral appliqu├ęs on the skirt and edged it up just a bit with a wide black belt and matching pumps. Stellar! Catch Mila’s Savvy Celeb profile in our December issue or take a sneak peak at!