Friday, October 22, 2010

Get Real!

Q: What’s Hot Now?
A: Getting "Real"!

Okay, I admit it... I am (shamefully) a self-confessed reality T.V. show fanatic and therefore, I naturally watch shows like "Jersey Shore," "Teen Mom" and "The Real World" religiously every week. While I’m obviously addicted to the "can’t help but watch" suspense of these somewhat train-wreck inspired shows, I’ve recently noticed a new sensation that’s grabbing my attention and forcing me to stay up even later past my bedtime. What is it you wonder? Well, it’s MTV’s new genre of reality! Shows like "World of Jenks," "The Buried Life" and "If You Really Knew Me" are quickly gaining popularity and shining the spotlight on a different kind of "reality star"– the kind who is passionate, caring, driven and determined to change the world. So while I’ll never fully be healed of my guilty reality show pleasure, at least now I can watch my fav shows with pride (well, some of them that is!). Major props to MTV for making good deeds and inspiring individuals a "reality"... that is SO now!

Catch up on missed episodes or check the T.V. schedule to find out what time these shows air near you at

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