Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Full Lips – MWAH!

How is it that every girl modeling in catalogs and on our fave clothing websites has full, pouty lips? They look natural and pouty without looking like they've been stung by a million bees (lucky girls)! Ok...get ready to BE one of those girls because with a few short steps you can have a luscious mouth too, the natural way!

First, apply a white pencil above your natural lip line and blend it in. A good pencil to use for this is IT Cosmetics Dual Plumping Pencil in Attract and Energy. Follow with a lip pencil that's close to your natural lip color and trace a below your lip ONLY in the center. This gives the illusion of fuller lips. Finally, finish up with your favorite gloss or lipstick. See...you ARE one of those girls now! Kisses!

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