Friday, November 5, 2010

Help Edward Norton raise 26 million dollars this weekend!

Edward Norton and Crowdrise are trying to raise 26million dollars for charity this weekend!! Don’t know what Crowdrise is yet? It’s SO fun and SO important! Think Facebook but with an amazing sense of humor and full of people trying to make our world a better place, really trying!

Brothers Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe teamed up with actor Edward Norton and created this one of a kind place to be! Set up an account on today and give to the New York Marathon charities or find another cause you’re passionate about. You can find anything from a grassroots campaign to raise funds for one individual’s needs or provide a child in a village in Africa with a school uniform so they can go to school (P.S. This is one of my favorite causes on Crowdrise!)

Join today and find me and other friends on Crowdrise and learn about and give to some amazing new cause! Oh and if you’re in NYC this weekend RUN on Sunday November 7th!

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