Monday, November 8, 2010

Do guys dig kissing glossy lips?

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, your breath is sweet and the dude you've been crushing on for months is about to kiss you for the first time. You wanted him to notice your sexy mouth so you made sure to apply ample glossy, glassy, glistening gloss to your pout (all night)! And now the moment has come—but what does he actually think of that gloss?! He likely thinks it’s pretty on YOUR lips and not on his. If it is super sticky he will probably have to wipe it off so his lips aren't glistening like yours (awkward!). And finally, the taste can make or break it! So here's what we found works well for you and your man...

First, stick to a clear or nude gloss without a lot of shimmer. That shimmer can stick to his face and lips and can turn a manly man into a girly man (and no one wants that)! Next, pick a gloss that plumps without the sting—men do not like to suffer for beauty like we do. And finally, try to use a gloss that is gender neutral in taste (think something minty). Stick to these gloss rules and you’ll be totally kissable! Kisses!

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