Saturday, February 19, 2011

Read it and weep... or laugh, smile, frown, whatever!

Q: What’s Hot Now?
A: The Kindle!

Tired of lugging around all your must-read books? Well, the answer is simple... buy a Kindle! The Amazon Kindle is an embedded system for reading electronic books, also called an “e-book.” It’s a great little secret to keeping yourself entertained while traveling and on vacation! It can also be an economically and environmentally safe alternative for those expensive textbooks us college-agers are forced to buy each semester. For a small fee, you can have all your favorite (and not-so-favorite) books in the palm of your hand in no time flat! Not to mention all the fun games that come along with it too. Trust me, these little electronically charged treasures are well worth the money and rather addicting... Every Word anyone?!

Celebrities that have been spotted "kindling"(in public) include...

The queen of day-time television: Oprah Winfrey
Everyone’s favorite immortal/mortal couple: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
One of Victoria’s most well-known secrets: Miranda Kerr
The most stylish “hero” in Hollywood: Hayden Panettiere

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