Friday, February 18, 2011

Giving Gowns for Good

It was green, bright green, and lacey and had a full, poofy skirt. I thought it was perfection, it was not, it was…my prom dress! We all remember our prom dresses, some of us were lucky enough to attend more than one prom and thus wear more than one prom dress, my other one was black and far more tasteful btw, I learned my lesson from the aforementioned green dress.
Sadly though, for so many girls across the nation, there isn’t enough money for one, let alone two prom dresses. And to come to their rescue are countless organizations, most started by one or two kind hearted souls who just wanted to help someone. These groups acquire gently used gowns and allow young ladies everywhere to live out their prom dreams, in the dress of their dreams!

Learn more about these organizations, check out the sites and then check in your closet to see what lovely frock you could be giving to one of these very worthy causes!

This first group is having a big fundraiser tomorrow, so if you’re in the area this weekend…go check them out:

We’ve had the honor of working with Caitlin Brunell, the young lady who started Caitlin’s Closet. She’s absolutely amazing!! Check out her organization and see for yourself:

And a few more causes that looked uber worthy of getting checked out:

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